Store as a Brand and Its Impact on Consumer Purchasing Behavior


  • AHashmi University of Central Punjab
  • Madiha Nadeem Lahore College for Women University



Brand image, image; consumer behavior, retail industry, apparel store


Objectives: Stores of Apparel brands consider a driving force in boosting business and shaping consumer buying behaviors. The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of brand store image on consumer purchasing behavior in the Lahore district.

Method: A mixed-method study design was used in this study. Two apparel brands of male and  female’s were selected conveniently as a sample of this study. Interviews and focus groups were used for data collection, from managements and stores’ staff, which was later analyzed thematically. The qualitative results then used  to generate a questionnaire for consumers. For this purpose, data were collected from the 216 respondents. Quantitative data were analyzed while using SPSS.

Findings: Results revealed that different strategies used by brand stores for the attraction of their customers while the attributes of stores, elements of the brand, and customer-friendly policies were found important influential factors in determining the purchasing behavior of the customers in this study.

Implication: The findings of this study can be a source of implications for new store brands and suggestions for further researches.


Author Biography

AHashmi, University of Central Punjab

After graduating from the University of Central Punjab in marketing, I am currently working as a marketing manager in Al Jalil Garden, Lahore.