Change Management in a Global Distributed Environment



  • saman Tariq UMT


Requirement Change, Change Management Process, Change Process, Global Software Development (GSD), Distributed Teams, Distributed Software Development, Global Challenges, Framework for Change Management


Context: in a distributed environment changing requirement results in project failure, changes come from different sites by multi-site stakeholder considering change requests from a different site and managing stakeholder issue change requests can handle efficiently. Here the objective is to find and manage the change process and suggest a solution to the stakeholder issues. Methods: we have done a literature review to find limitations in the change request process model and issue that stakeholders faced in a distributed environment. Results: We have identified activities missing in the change request process and change management process. We have also highlighted the role and responsibility for the activities to carry out a process of change management effectively. Our research also highlights stakeholder issues related to change management in a distributed environment and suggest an appropriate solution to the faced challenges. Conclusion: Our framework process not only defines a good balance change process but also identifies change activity in each process, role and responsibility to carry out the process and artifact efficiently. But there is a need to find more stakeholder issues related to managing the change request and their appropriate solution also need to find process activities in detail so that there must be no misunderstanding related to task assignment