Improved Technique: An Alternative Method of Nodal Analysis


Extra Node, Home Node, Kirchhoff’s Current Law, Modified Equivalent Circuit, Nodal Analysis


Electric circuits plays dynamic role in each aspects of electrical engineering. An electrical engineer talent is to study in what manner circuits are split up into simpler parts. Though, breaking up hitches into lesser stages is the core of engineering. This research offers a sample of engineering approach to problem solving in modest and effective way. In Circuit analysis, means working out voltages and currents in each component.  Node Voltage method is an organized scheme in investigating a circuit. Kirchhoff’s Current Law (KCL) is precondition for nodal analysis, it selects node voltage as circuit parameter that supports in minimizing the number of equations that makes the design and calculation easier. This paper reports improved method of nodal analysis that computes node voltage based on the information of Ohm’s Law only. This is an easy-going technique, much simpler, carries lesser amount of time, reduces the circuit complications and keeps the calculation easier and informal as compare to formal Nodal analysis.