Analysis of client satisfaction - A case of customers’ containment availing services from Micro Finance Institutions


  • Ghulam Yaseen Veesar Institute of Business Management
  • Masood Hassan Institute of Business Management, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Fayaz Ahmed Institute of Business Management
  • Rehan Muzammil Faculty, Institute of Business Management(IoBM), Karachi, Pakistan



Microfinance, Client satisfaction, Comparative Study, Sind.


The financial well-being of the people living in society is pivotal essential for the country's economic development. The distribution and access to wealth played important role in the economic activities of states. Micro-financing strategies utilized globally to promote distribution and circulation of money, increase access of people living in the low quintile of economic status to the wealth. Similar to global trends, the microfinance strategy was introduced, which is a rapidly growing sector in Pakistan for the last few decades. There are more than 45 registered micro-finance institutions (both for-profit and not-for-profit) that provide services to people at the low-income level in Pakistan. The current study analyzed the level of client satisfaction between private, public, and non-government organization Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs) operating at District Hyderabad of Sindh, Pakistan. The sample size of 300 clients receiving services from these MFIs, data collected by using random sampling technique on the instrument Likert Scale ranged from 1-5. The collected data processed through scientific methods factorial analysis, customer satisfaction index, and ANOVA. The results of the study presented that clients of non-government MFI are more satisfied as compared to public and private MFIs, male clients are more content to female, changes in family size and education change the level of client satisfaction, where age and monthly household income do not affect client satisfaction. In light of the study, it is recommended for MFIs to initiate client-centric policies especially in the public sector focus on the client glee in the response of services. In the micro-finance industry, female clients are the backbone; it is highly recommended to keep them in the center of attention during the development of policies to increase satisfaction levels.



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Yaseen Veesar, G. ., Hassan, M. ., Ahmed, F. ., & Muzammil, R. . (2020). Analysis of client satisfaction - A case of customers’ containment availing services from Micro Finance Institutions. International Journal of Experiential Learning & Case Studies, 5(2).