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The Journal of Education and Educational Development (ISSN p-2310-0869 & e-2313-3538) is a double-blind peer-reviewed bi-annual journal designed as an outlet for research in Education and Educational Development. HEC has recognised JoEED since 2017, and the 'Y' category has been recognised since 2018.  JoEED is committed to promoting the distribution of important scholarly work at all levels. The journal has a broad scope and publishes qualitative and quantitative research studies along with discussions, which helps readers and researchers to grasp the understanding of the new and old paradigms in education. In addition to submissions from faculty/researchers, students at the graduate and MPhil level, Ph.D. scholars are also encouraged to submit their work, whether it is the product of coursework, a student thesis, an independent study, or a directed research project. 


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Vol. 10 No. 1 (2023): JoEED
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